Green Futures

Green Futures is a programme of art, conversation and inspiration via workshops, talks and films to increase awareness of the climate and ecological emergencies, to explore how communities can make a difference at local level. Together, we will consider the power of dreaming of a better future, and how those dreams can become plans – of action. 

Programmed by Shandin Rickard-Hughes, and Culture Weston. Shandin is an environmentalist and climate activist who since moving to Weston in 2021, has thrown herself into local efforts and recently founded the new group, (re)Generation Weston, as a platform to promote local action and pro-environmental change. She says: 

“Events like Green Futures, the Climate Carnival, and Great Big Green Week are so inspiring. Local people and communities can share creative perspectives and solutions to some of our greatest challenges, and take real action to make a difference. We don’t have to wait, and don’t have the time, for the national government to do the right thing. We can start working on the future we want in North Somerset right now. That is the power of dreaming, of action, of community. I look forward to contributing what I can to making Weston and North Somerset a better place to live, where we can thrive alongside nature for generations to come.” 


🌎 Ants and Grasshopper

Friday 28 October, 7pm-9:30pm at Loves (please book for food)

Saturday 29 October, 11am 12:30pm, 2pm at We are Super, The Sovereign

A climate change documentary that centres on its effects in Malawi. Running time: 1h 14 mins

🌎 North Somerset Community & Climate Action (mini) Fair

Saturday 29 October, 10.30am-2pm at We are Super, The Sovereign

Meet the local groups working on environmental, sustainability and climate issues

🌎 Green Utopias: Storytelling & Collage Workshop

Saturday 29 October, 11am-1.30pm, at Weston Artspace

Create your vision of a sustainable, nature-friendly future through free-flowing artistic expression and creativity.

🌎 Grow Feral – Tour & Talk

29 October, 2pm-3pm, at Italian Gardens

Green Horticultural Installation + Community Garden.

🌎 Coastal Towns & Climate Change: Panel Discussion

Saturday 29 October 4.30pm-6pm, at We are Super, The Sovereign

An insightful, gritty but hopeful panel discussion about the future of coastal towns like Weston-super-Mare

🌎 Your Dream Green Future

29 October to 13 November in the windows of Weston Artspace, digital film loop.

Encouraging and engaging the imaginations of local people to dream of a green future through envisioning, sharing and ultimately taking action toward their ideal green future.