29 October, 2022






Italian Gardens
(to the right of Sovereign Centre)

Green Futures: Grow Feral – Tour & Talk

Join Grow Feral producer Sam Francis and artist Jo Lathwood for a talk and tour around this new innovative horticultural art installation, and community micro garden located in the heart of Weston town centre. 

The installation created by artist Jo Lathwood  incorporates a water tower, rain collection system, and an innovative solar powered irrigation system developed to assist with the on-going maintenance of the growing area whilst sending a positive environmental message. Explore the assortment of plants suited for the location and time of year, and find out how to get involved in developing and maintaining this community garden for all, on-going.

Community gardens and food growing spaces with diverse and creative planting schemes are popping up in towns and cities across the land. Creating green urban spaces –  including local initiatives such as Weston Tree and Planting group and Weston Central Liveable Neighbourhood scheme which is giving over corners of residential streets to growing spaces – all contribute to bringing a better balance of nature to the world we live in to the benefit of communities and the planet. 

Grow Feral is a creative green project led by green fingered artist and producer Sam Francis. It is a call to action to engage with the natural world, to reimagine our shared land, and attend to the interconnected nature of things with and for local communities as a radical act of gardening and growing together.  To be radical is to go to the very roots of things. 

Jo Lathwood is an environmental artist/maker based at Spike Island, Bristol, with a keen focus on the environmental impact of her work, she is intent upon investigating the whole lifespan of her sculptural works in her approach to developing her sculptural and often functional artworks.

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