Jasmine Thompson

Hey! I’m a Bristol based designer, illustrator, and workshop facilitator. I’m also a board member and resident artist at Rising Arts Agency, resident at Pervasive Media Studio, and experienced in content creation and journalism from my role at Rife Magazine.

My work has a focus on people and places, and I tackle themes of activism and social change. I’m  all about using art as a platform for underrepresented voices, and discovering new avenues for storytelling. I’ve led programmes and workshops with young people and communities across Bristol, which is a huge love of mine. Work includes a solo mural exhibition at Royal Shakespeare Company, later recommissioned at Barbican. Exhibition at Spike Island Open Studios for “Why Are We Not Here”, that challenged lack of inclusion within the arts and amplified voices of BAME artists within the local community. Most recent work includes art for Adidas “Ready For Sport” campaign which re-engaged people with sports post-lockdown, and work on Premier League’s “No Room For Racism” campaign in Oct 2020.

I am so excited to be part of this incredible team at Culture Weston! Facilitating projects that get people feeling creative, and engage with a wider audience is really important to me. I’ll be using my skills and experience to make a difference here in Weston, and work with communities to help lift the barriers preventing people from accessing the arts. Bridging the gap between emerging artists and organisations is a key focus, and I hope to further develop the creative culture in this beautiful town, placing Weston on the map as a hub for all things Arts.