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Venues South West

Venues South West is a network of venues and organisations in the South West who support artists, working together to enable quality work, better communication and touring in the region to develop the South West theatre sector …

Social Art Network South West

Social Art Network is a UK based community of artists committed to building agency for the field of art and social practice. We are a UK wide artist-led initiative developed to support creative professionals working with and dedicated to community-led projects

North Somerset Arts

North Somerset Arts is an artist led group committed to supporting excellence and developing the full range of innovative and creative arts in the area …

Weston Artspace

Weston Artspace is a hub for Weston-super-Mare’s creative community, right at the heart of Weston High Street …

How to Write an Audience Development Plan

Created by the Audience Agency, this guide takes you through several planning stages, providing a flexible framework to help you strategically develop audiences for your creative work

Engaging with Audiences Online

Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network have created a series of resources to help individuals and organisations looking to create, share and promote content online.

An Introduction to Marketing and Publicity

Created by Audiences Wales, this guide offers a broad introduction to arts marketing, with the aim of supporting any organisation or artist working in the arts.

Where to find funding

A brief overview on where you can find out about funding opportunities to help you with your creative project, events or activities, both as an individual and an organisation …

A Practical Guide to Lawful Fundraising

Arts Council England has commissioned this guidance to provide an understanding of the practical steps that must be taken to fundraise in a legally compliant manner and in accordance with best practice

A Guide to Trust Fundraising

Created by Achates Fundraising, this guide provides a useful introduction to fundraising from trusts and foundations …

Rachel Dobbs on Fundraising

Rachel Dobbs is an artist and educator. Here Rachel shares a range of use¬ful tools and resources for fundraising from the perspective of a serial freelancer …