Throughout Summer


Free (no booking required)


Various locations

Letters for the Sea, Letters for the Land

A compelling miscellany of site-specific, word-based artworks, installations and audio works inspired by the sea, coastline, landscape and environment, people and place – to read, and listen to in location, and at your leisure. 

Letters for the Sea

Seafront shelters, Marine Parade + Poster Boards along the seafront 

Look out to sea and take in contemplative words and reflective sentiments through the windows of the seafront shelters, and upon poster boards along the promenade. Featuring poems and texts by local artists, poets and members of the ‘Chapter One’ and ‘Rhyme Against the Tide’s’ creative writing and poetry slam communities. 

Featuring words by: Lorna Bryce, Sylvia Buckler, Anne Bunn, Ariee, Leonie Hart, Annie Higgs, Sue Hill, Sam Francis, Adam Leppard, Andrew McBride, Alison Mckay, Malcolm Rodgers, Sophie Shepherd, Ade Thomas, Bill Thomas, Emma van Woerkom, Bob Walton, Shobi Warwick.

Letters for the Land

Marine Lake, The Pier, Putting Green; Royal Sands, Grove Park

Large-scale word installations dotted along the seafront and green spaces, consisting of poignant phrases gathered from the community that consider the wider world, and our place within it, together.  

Chapter One: Seafront Poetry Walk

Listen in location at the seafront shelters, Marine Parade

As part of the Arts trail map HERE

Take a stroll along the promenade and listen to poems and texts written especially for the coastline, by members of Chapter One, and read by the contributors themselves. 

Culture Weston · Chapter One: Seafront Poetry Walk