5 October, 2023




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Weston Lit Fest Hub
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Weston Lit Fest: Local Lit

Welcome three local authors to Weston Lit Fest Hub, as they read from their works, in a celebration of Weston writing.


Edward Burley has always been fascinated by human behaviour. What makes people do what they do? He could think of no better place to explore this question than in the world of crime fiction. Edward lives in the West Country with his wife, two children and a healthy guitar collection.

About Blame by Ed Burley

Joseph Darby has been a sociology of culture lecturer for twenty years. And never has he felt so enraged and disillusioned by the self-inflicted behaviours of the students he is trying to teach. On his desk, among the completed essays with red pen comments and a circled grade, is his own work. A manifesto with the title: **The Wasted Youth** In the city’s biggest cinema a terrible crime has been committed. A bomb has exploded in screen room four. Among the dead are students from the university. Cue the arrival of DCI Colin Mills and DI Kate Dee, experienced detectives assigned to the bomb squad. As they begin to untangle the horror of the cinema bombing, two other devices are detonated at other venues populated by students. As the university city is gripped by terror, they face a race against time to connect the crimes, understand the motive, and catch the bomber before more innocent people are killed.

Corin Thistlewood

Corin Thistlewood

With a background in Engineering and a passion for personal development, Corin has an interest in Shamanism, Celtic spirituality and hypnotherapy. After years of residing in different countries and environments, Corin now lives in Weston where he has become a full-time author. He is a member of the local Drama group, enjoys long walks to megalithic sites or along the coast, with his son and dog scrappy.

About The Touchwood Chronicles by Corin Thistlewood:

Combining science, spirituality and fiction, this semi-biographical novel is the story of a Ministry of Defence aerospace engineer embarking on an adventure to discover his spiritual self. Along the way he encounters some fascinating characters who seem to be able to live outside of society’s norms. Eventually admitted to a Wiccan coven, where he encounters a mysterious Priestess who takes him beyond his wildest dreams.

Ade Bowen

Ade Bowen

Ade Bowen is a children’s entertainer, author, illustrator and all round good egg.

Born in Wales, he grew up in Somerset, England until moving to sunny Weston super Mare in 1996. Lives near the beach with his wife, beautiful daughters, two cats, and a Jack Russell called Pixie. Ade has been entertaining since May 2001 and has delivered over 3,000 parties, corporate events, and shows in that time.

In his spare time, he likes to perform in pantomime (oh yes he does) and stand-up comedy, which he describes as “the scariest thing ever”. He blends his stand-up comedy and interactive entertainment style into his writing. The Astounding Adventure of Mr Bowns was originally something to do to amuse himself while backpacking around Germany. Sitting in gorgeous gothic bars he would drink beer, eat chips and garlic mayo, soak in the atmosphere and write.

Ade wants parents to enjoy reading his books as much as children enjoy listening to them. He is influenced by Enid Blyton’s ‘Faraway Tree’ and ‘The Wishing Chair’ stories, and injects unexpected whimsical humour which gives his books a unique feel and a pleasure to read.

Ade has won every story writing competition he has ever entered.*

* Ade has never entered any story writing competitions, so this is a fact!


Weston Lit Fest is produced in partnership with Weston-super-Mare Town Council and The Write Box.