25, 26, 27 September 2020




£10 + booking fee


Marine Lake
BS23 2BT


This Crossing

World Premiere presented by Martin Bonger in association with LittleMighty, Theatre Orchard and Culture Weston.

A socially distanced, new outdoors performance with original music and storytelling, this timely, tender story inspired by real life experiences mixes intimate emotions with the backdrop of a world in flux.

During the piece, members of the socially spaced audience are given an individual set of headphones on which to listen to the show’s soundtrack, while watching the changing light of a late summer’s evening. In the edge of their vision, they notice a person moving. An actor? Or just a passer-by?

1349. Death. A lot of death. The plague is running riot. It’s a difficult time to bring up a baby.

Now. It’s still a difficult time to bring up a baby.

In This Crossing, the two central characters are making the same journey to the sea, 668 years apart. They are bound together by the shock of having created life, and are running away from the rush of emotions and fear that comes with new love.

Writer and Director Martin Bonger was inspired to create the piece by his own experiences of becoming a father, and an accident in which he broke his neck, risking drowning in a swimming pool. The onset of Coronovirus gave sudden extra resonance to the show, which is partly set during the time of the Black Death.

6pm prompt. The show lasts approximately one hour
Please arrive early to allow time to be seated in line with Covid-19 Secure Government Guidelines.