11 October, 2023






Front Room
13 Central Walk
BS23 1FF


The Paper Cinema

Any production by this small British company is bound to be something special” – The Times

Short tales of other worlds; ghosts, dreams and the supernatural.

Fascinating and imaginative storytellers, The Paper Cinema, create extraordinary, magical worlds with vivid pen and ink drawings, puppetry, and a treasure trove of acoustic and electronic sounds.This show gathers favourite short stories, including the dream-like Night Flyer, humorous Devil in Cornwall, spooky Wanderer and Edgar Allan Poe’s King Pest.
Performed by two puppeteers and a multi-instrumentalist, The Paper Cinema return to their ‘out-of-a suitcase’ origins to delight you with atmospheric tales of ghosts, dreams and the supernatural.

“Bound to delight” – The Telegraph

60-minute show suitable for age 8 upwards (who don’t mind being a tiny bit scared!)

“The pleasure here is not just that the animations are both sinister and enchanting, or that the wonderful music gives the whole thing the feel of a quirky silent movie, but also that you can see how the show is being made right before your eyes.”  – The Guardian 

Credits: Some stories originally commissioned by Sound UK.
Night Flyer and King Pest commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre.