25 & 26 October


11am & 2pm




Front Room
13 Central Walk
BS23 1FF


The Old Pier

Nothing makes George want to leave his hometown more the sight of the Old Pier – a crumbling wreck on the edge of the ocean. But at night, lights twinkle amongst the rubble…

A ghostly steamship arriving in George’s bedroom leads to a night of adventure, as the echoes of those who once roamed the pier come together for one last revel beside the sea.

Settle in for a musical journey across the waves and back through time… to Birnbeck Pier as you’ve never heard it before!

Front Room is thrilled to welcome back this new show created by local artist Jordan Cottle. Using live music, vocal soundscapes and poetic storytelling, Jordan weaves a tale of adventure that explores the forgotten memories of Birnbeck Pier and the magic that can be found right on your doorstep.

Suitable for all ages but particularly for those aged 4+