2 August, 2022




Free (no booking required)

The Nostalgic Garden

For those who dare to dream….

Danniella Jaine describes herself as a ‘fairytale’ portrait artist who uses visual narrative to playfully imply stories behind photography’.

‘I’ve always been an artist’, she says. ‘Its all I’ve ever known. From the moment I laid eyes on my grandmothers garden, I discovered a hidden kingdom within my mind that inspired my imaginary games, where I’d dress my dolls and we’d all play make believe…

‘As the years went by I grew older, but I never really quite grew up…. So I created a way to play forever, dreaming up stories from my grandmothers garden and cultivating them into photos using models instead of dolls and designer to dress them up.

‘I believe nostalgia is a sort of magic, connecting us to the child within, a time when we are unapologetically ourselves and not afraid to be kind. For me childhood was the place where only the things I wanted to happen would happen because I could get by with my imagination.’

Pop over to Tropicana 1pm-5pm on the day and immerse yourself …