25 January-3 February






Front Room
13 Central Walk
BS23 1FF


The Good, The Bad & The Coyote Ugly

A brand new alternative comedy mash-up from Bristol’s The Wardrobe Theatre, the people that brought you MDH: Puppets Do A Movie, Little Women In Black, Drac & Jill, Rocky Shock Horror and more!

Can you smell the fresh gunpowder? Can you hear the thunder of horses? Can you taste the cheap beer?

This is the untamed, lawless frontier – a parched landscape of bloody violence, passionate romance and line-dancing, where the heroes are good, the villains are bad and the guy you slept with last night is so ugly you’d rather gnaw your own arm off than wake him.
This is the Wild West…

“A madness masterclass – just what we can all use a bit of right now!”★★★★★ Stage Talk Magazine on MDH: Puppets Do A Movie
“A supercharged helping of festive filth.”★★★★ The Observer on Drac & Jill
“Be prepared for your sides to ache for days afterwards.”★★★★★ Bristol Post on Oedipuss In Boots
“Simply faultless… a triumph… so funny you will probably want to see it a more than once!”★★★★★ The Fix on Reservoir Mogs
“If you are not shouting and clapping by the end of this two-hour hullabaloo, I’d be surprised.”★★★★★ Stage Talk Magazine on Rocky Shock Horror

The Good, The Bad & The Coyote Ugly by The Wardrobe Theatre is supported by Arts Council England.