14 July, 2024




FREE (booking required)


TAKE FIVE - Weston Arts + Health Festival Hub
Adjacent to Revo Kitchen.
BS23 1BE

Smiling man looking at someone out of shot, while he cut a cake for a table full of people. He is wearing a tea apron

TAKE FIVE – ‘Hidden Histories’ Tea Party with Tom Marshman

Part of TAKE FIVE – Weston Arts + Health Festival

The Festival Hub is a beautiful canvas stretch tent, with accessible seating, that will keep you sheltered come rain or shine.  Please do dress appropriately for the outdoors.

Tom Marshman is a nationally acclaimed performance artist whose work often maps outsider stories, particularly those from LGBTQI+ perspectives.  This Summer Tom is drinking a lot of tea with different communities, exploring the impact of hidden histories.  Join him on the beach as his quest reaches Weston, the town where he spent his college years and whose golden sands hold a fair few formative memories.  

Drawing upon his trademark humour and honesty, Tom wonders if growing up within the decade in which queer life was silenced has made him a bit of a show off, compelled to share queer or LGBTQI+ stories?  He is determined to make forgotten histories visible and connect them to the present moment.  Over tea and cakes, share your experiences of forgotten histories either as a result of Section 28 or your own lived silenced period.

2024 is the fifth year for Weston Arts + Health Festival, a partnership between UHBW NHS Foundation Trust and Super Culture that shines a light on the creative provision that exists in Weston year-round to bring people together in positive, shared activity that can support both physical and mental health.

The words 'arts + health' are in black lettering on a bright yellow backdrop. The character '+' is set against a blue sandcastle with a flag on top

Main image by Mark Gray