2 May, 2023






The Stable Games Room,
129 High Street,
BS23 1HN


Grief by the Seaside: a double-bill of Tattoos and Bingo

“More than Skin Deep” – The Art of Memorial Tattoos: a talk by Dr John Troyer at 7pm 

Death Euphemism Bingo with YARA + DAVINA – Round 1 @ 8pm, Round 2 @ 9.20pm

In 1891, Samuel F. O’Reilly of New York patented the first “electromotor tattooing-machine”, a modern and innovative device that revolutionized the ancient practice of tattooing and changed the course of the writing of history on the body forever. Join Dr John Troyer as he delves into the fascinating history of memorial tattooing. In an informal talk and discussion, John will explore how the human memorial tattoo is not just an image, but a personal narrative that establishes a new language and lasting link between the living and the dead.

….Then it’s time to reach for your bingo cards; will it be BIT THE DUST, CROSSED THE GREAT DIVIDE or WALKED THE PLANK? As we think about how euphemisms replace the language of death and dying, YARA + DAVINA playfully invite us to question why words such as dead and died feel taboo, as a way to reflect on death more openly. And of course there are prizes.

Dr John Troyer is the Death Studies Scholar-at-Large and former Director of the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath. He is co-founder of the Death Reference Desk website and the Future Cemetery Project and is a frequent commentator for the BBC. John’s latest book is Technologies of the Human Corpse (2020).

YARA + DAVINA make bold, playful and thought provoking art.  They root their works in the everyday, creating accessible and playful experiences that are both poetic and universal. They have made work for multiple world leading venues including Tate Modern and Tate Britain, Venice Biennale, BAM (New York) and the V&A Museum.



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  • Guide dogs welcome.
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