15 July, 2022




Free (no booking required)


Princess Royal Square
Beach Road,
BS23 1AT

Rockpool – Air Giants

On a sunny July day, Air Giants shared Rockpool, a morphing and responsive installation of 2m tall soft robots.  Their movement is organic and undulating; curling up to half their height, or stretching open in response to visitors. The four robotic creatures are made from fabric, valves, air and clever computing.

Rockpool is a multi-sensory experience which audiences were welcome to walk through and around. The creatures are tactile, inviting touches and squeezes. Each one has its own voice and once evening falls, the piece was internally illuminated. Everything shifts and changes in response to the people who came to visit.

About Air Giants:

Air Giants is a creative robotic studio founded in 2020. The team is comprised of artists, roboticists, puppeteers and software engineers based in Bristol, UK.

The studio has experience working in visual design, animatronics, software development, robotics and puppetry and is passionate about bringing these skills together to make wondrous experiences.

This was Rockpool’s first outing into the world.