11 & 12 February




£6 + booking


Front Room
13 Central Walk
(Dolphin Square)
BS23 1FF


Period Drama

Front Room is thrilled to host exciting local theatre company, Atomic Rhubarb, with their wonderfully entertaining family comedy.

PERIOD DRAMA is a show about periods and everything that comes with them. Created with North Somerset students, PERIOD DRAMA is a show for young people and their families to learn about periods in an “entertaining and memorable way”.

Do you want to feel comfortable talking about periods?

Do you want some myths busted?

Do you want to see the interpretative dance of an egg during the menstrual cycle?

PERIOD DRAMA is Horrible Histories meets periods, but minus the horrible!

This is a show for anybody and every…body. Through comedy, movement music and more we want to remove the stigma surrounding periods and give young people a clearer idea of what goes on down there!

Age Guidance 9+