7 May, 2023






Front Room,
Central Walk,
BS23 1FF


Outside the Box

Everything you wanted to know about death, dying and grief but never had the chance to ask 

“Talking about sex doesn’t make you pregnant, talking about death doesn’t make you die.” Jane Duncan Rogers

Join us for a double bill featuring Liz Rothschild’s one-woman show about death, Outside the Box, followed by a panel discussion that’s bound to get you talking. 

Funny, wise and taboo busting, Outside the Box confronts the ‘elephant in the room’ with grace and humour, drawing on Liz’s unique insights and experiences as a celebrant and award-winning burial ground owner. 

After the show, Liz will join ‘punk undertaker’ and author Rupert Callender and end-of-life doula and artist Anna Ledgard in conversation, as we explore our fascination with – and aversion to – death and grief. The conversation will be facilitated by Lucy Selman, a researcher in end-of-life care and bereavement and the founder of Good Grief Festival. 

Do you have questions about the end of life, or things you’re dying to know about funerals? Now is your chance to ask.

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  • Wheelchair accessible
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  • Accessible toilet

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