29 July, 2023






Front Room
13 Central Walk
BS23 1FF

My Father’s Nose

After his execution, Walter Raleigh’s widow carried his head around in a bag for thirty years. These days, that sort of thing is frowned upon.

My Father’s Nose is a new play from Bristol based writer, actor and comedian Douglas Walker (Of Christmas Past, Murder She Didn’t Write, Sherlock in Homes). It tells the story of a recently bereaved man struggling to let go of the past. Literally. It’s a play about parents and children, and how their relationships change over time. About how joy turns to grief, and back again. About memory, and how hard it can be to lose it, and how hard it can be when you can’t.

Walker’s trademark intricate storytelling is interwoven with observations as hilarious as they are astute, and accompanied by an original score of all-new songs.

“Exceptional…characters as self-assured as they are eloquent” The Skinny★★★★
“A truly fascinating hour” The List ★★★★
“A coemdy adventure of discovery” Fringe Guru ★★★★