12-14 April 2023


11am & 2pm




Front Room
13 central walk,
BS23 1FF


Much Ado about Puffin

A funny tale about a man all alone, a friendly puffin, and a whole lot of fuss over nothing – presented by Open Attic Company for ages 3-8 and their families.

On a small island, in the middle of the big sea, a man meets a bird…

Using skilful puppetry, beautiful music, and good old-fashioned storytelling, Much Ado About Puffin is about old habits, new friendships, and stepping out into the unknown!

“A story of beauty, laughter and love that transcends language and age barriers.” – Made In Plymouth

“Gentle and thoughtful piece with a lot of integrity, which didn’t patronise its audience or play to the gallery. I particularly liked the design and the music, both real strengths, and the puppets were charming.” – Jude Merrill MBE, Travelling Light

“Open Attic Company have created something quite wonderful.” – Chris Pirie, Green Ginger

Running time – 1 hour