13 April, 2024






Front Room
13 Central Walk
BS23 1FF


Making Plans For Hugo

Presented by Front Room

An absurd comedy about a new Father (Nigel) who takes his Son (Hugo) on a journey to see the world and step out of childhood

Inspired by Surrealism, Dada, and the absurd, this story is held together by flights of fancy and love between a father and his newly found bin baby son Hugo. Nigel wants Hugo to grow up to be better than him but is he really doing it for his son? A road trip around the world ensues to see all its possibilities. The Mona Lisa will talk to them, Conger Eels will attack them and Black Holes will eat them!  

Bonnet Dog is Joe Brooks & Will Jones. Both are actors & theatre makers based in Weston-super-Mare. Frequent makers of strange things in From The Mud Cabaret. Both have a love for the odder side of comedy.