27 and 28 November 2021


Early evening




A sound and light public artwork by Luke Jerram, presented by Theatre Orchard

‘Lullaby’ by internationally acclaimed artist Luke Jerram – whose recent ‘In Memoriam’ installation was launched to great acclaim on Weston beach as part of Weston Arts + Health Week –  will see streets serenaded by illuminated, locally decorated bikes that will bring a cycling spectacle and magical sounds to neighbourhoods in Worle and central Weston as evening falls.

It is the first artwork Luke has made specifically for children and young families to create a special experience in residential areas before bedtime, as the streets quieten and empty and dusk falls.

The free spectacle is delivered by members of the community with a fleet of  decorated, illuminated bikes created to cycle through streets, twinkling in the evening light and bringing a night-time lullaby of ambient and serene music to people’s doors.

We are partnering up with Big Worle hub on Preans Green (28 November) and St Paul’s Church on Walliscote Road (27 November) and the routes will be in those areas. For routes and maps, please go to Theatre Orchard’s website.

If you are a confident cyclist and would like to take part in this performance as a rider or a marshal, we ask you to fill in this form for Worle and this form for Weston.