19 April, 2024






Front Room
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Jon Loomes – Live Folk Music

Presented by Front Room

Jon Loomes is an English traditional singer and guitarist. A highly experienced performer, Jon is well known for his work with BBC Folk Award Nominees Pilgrims’ Way and notorious Belgian surrealists Heretique. Passionate about folksong, his solo album ‘Fearful Symmetry’ quickly became a cult classic.

As a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, he has featured on many recordings, and has worked with some of the biggest names in British folk music. As a soloist, he has appeared at all the major British folk festivals and played at folk clubs and concert venues nationally and internationally.  Drawing from the English folk song tradition, he engages with audiences, encouraging them to join in with a chorus, before hitting them between the eyes with an energised delivery of an epic ballad.

Recognised primarily for his accomplishments as a guitarist, Jon weaves magical, sensitive accompaniments in the finest traditions of Martin Carthy and Nic Jones.