18 June, 2022






Weston Artspace
73 High Street
BS23 1HL

Introduction to Sound Design & Music Production

FREE to 14 – 19 year-olds.

This practical workshop, led by Joseff Harris will explore what it means to create an immersive piece of audio. Inspired by the places and sounds around us, the session will provide you with the skillset to interact with your environment in new ways. How do we record sounds with simple tech? How can we make them immersive? How can we tell narratives through sound? Bring along your smartphone and find out!


Register in advance at: 

Limited places, allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Participants will need to have a smartphone – if anyone has problems accessing, please contact in advance.


Joseff Harris is a South-West based composer, sound artist and audio producer working across theatre, film and audio. His work is driven by how sound can tap into our subconscious and carry us to vivid worlds, both real and abstract. The natural world play an integral role in his work, embracing both its calm and chaos and translating this into compelling scores.