Works released 11-14 April





Intergenerational – Ad Infinitum

Digital artworks from four regional arts practitioners – Shruti Bhoyar, Sarah Dicks, Tom Marshman and Kundai Munetsi – exploring the themes of care, family and the end of our lives.  Available online throughout the festival.


Tom Marshman – Section 28 and Me

Exploring the impact of Section 28 legislation introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government, this video piece hears some personal experiences of the AIDS crisis, its devastating effects, and the enduring grief and loss experienced by queer people at the time and continuing today. 

This work has been created by Tom Marshman in collaboration with Sam Halmarack and Paul Blakemore of Helm Films at an urgent time for raising awareness of LGBTQI+ censorship and removal from education. Whilst governments display concerning viewpoints on what can or cannot be discussed from our history, it is vital for communities to gather and be heard

Conceived and performed by Tom Marshman, film produced by Helm Films

Made in collaboration with Weston’s LGBTQI’s community: Matt Fleming, Noelle Griffin and John Crockford Hawley.

Cock Dicks – RitaJoy

Cock Dicks has created an infinite zoom digital artwork inspired by the life of her beloved Nanny. Ritajoy sadly passed away over Christmas 2022 after a long battle with dementia. Cock Dicks has tried to create a piece which honours her grandmother’s life but also shares the difficulties of losing a loved one to this disease. The music in the piece is performed by Ritajoy’s husband, Cock Dicks’ Pappy, Terry Cock.

Created by Cock Dicks

Kundai Munetsi – Care

Kundai has directed, scored, choreographed and animated a heart-wrenching audio-visual journey narrating the challenges of being a young carer.

This piece fuses together multiple mediums into a powerful short film delving into the
difficulties one experiences internally and externally when caring. The soundtrack with its vocal narration can be a tool for anyone facing the same issues, and the sultry graphics and the powerful movement and choreography evoke emotions difficult to express in words.

The piece reflects the artist’s mental journey through caring for their mother for 5 years in isolation, who passed from HIV in 2018.

Film soundtrack composed by Kundai Munetsi
Narration, script and animation by Kundai Munetsi
Vocals and instrumentation by Kundai Munetsi

Shruti Bhoyar – A Lonely Road

“Nothing is so sad as the injustices of old age” – Beryl Bainbridge.

Grandparents can be left without support systems as their families disperse to countries across the world.

As they age, they experience many losses. Loss is painful, whether it’s a loss of independence, mobility, health, career, or someone you love. These feelings of grief and sadness can last for a long time. 

In this visual art work Shruti has captured how isolated older people might lose interest in the activities they used to enjoy. Through her illustrations Shruti shows how feelings of loneliness consume a grandfather in India, who finds it harder and harder to get through the day. One thing he treasures is to speak to his grandson every week, which brings light and positive thoughts into his life. 

Created by Shruti Bhoyar