25 May, 2021






Growing Yourself as a Brand

Part of our in our Creative Futures series – a programme of workshops, talks, webinars and facilitated conversations. The programme aims to support creatives and freelance practitioners, at any career stage, helping them build skills and develop their practice to develop as creative entrepreneurs.

Date: 25 May

Time: 3.30pm

About this Event

The perfect combination between strategic and holistic, this workshop will explore the key aspects of developing yourself as a brand. We’ll touch on fundamental basics such as ways to build a portfolio and collate testimonials, the importance of and how to diversify your income streams, and developing a strategic network of collaborators and partners. With a background in ethical marketing, we’ll explore different offline and online marketing strategies to increase engagement and useful tools for upskilling and cultivating opportunities. Keeping people and the planet in mind, the workshop will also include practical examples of how to embed sustainable practices within our work throughout.

This session is suitable for creatives who likely have an already established practice but want to level up with valuable strategies and practical tools (i.e. emerging artists – intermediates)

About Emma Blake Morsi

Emma Blake Morsi is an award-winning multi-disciplinary producer, non-executive director of Rising Arts Agency and Bristol City Council’s Culture Board member. A prolific visual storyteller, she predominantly works across photography, words, graphics, film and events, and has been training as a creative intersectional environmentalist. Her research consisted of developing a sustainable circular system repurposing waste substances. She previously lived in Germany as PUMA’s Global Creative Direction & Design intern, primarily shifting their work to authentically centre on representation and sustainability innovation. Also currently working for ethical marketing and PR agency Enviral, Emma challenges approaches to inclusion and innovation in the spaces she works in, producing work that can be experienced by all but most importantly gives visibility to and engages those from marginalised groups.