28 May, 2023


Free (no booking required)


Grove Park
BS23 2QJ


Many members of our community took part this beautiful large-scale memorial art project, led by artist Helen Wheelock. Forget-Me-Not turned plastic (otherwise destined for landfill) into a meadow of 800 flowers, which will be installed once again in Grove Park on 28 May 2023. Each flower will carry an individual tribute or artwork from a different member of the community honouring someone or something they have loved and lost. 

Many people attended sessions held at the following places:

  • North Somerset Training Hub, 31 Alexandra Parade WSM BS23 1QZ
  • Community hub, 3 Loxton Road, WSM BS23 4QX
  • Weston Artspace,  High Street WSM BS23 1HE
  • Community Hub: Substation, St Andrews Parade, WSM BS23 3SS
  • For All Healthy Living Centre, 68 Lonsdale Avenue, WSM BS23 3SJ
  • Chocolate Garden, Lonsdale Avenue, WSM BS23 3SK
  •  7 Aller Parade, WSM BS24 9DD

The ‘Where We Walked‘ photographs and stories, a tribute to people and places by photographer Paul Blakemore and the local community, will also be on display.


Image by Peter Goodrum Photography