02,09,16 and 20 August 2022




Free (no booking required)


Kite Making:
The Other Place
81-83 Meadow Street
BS23 1QL

Kite Flying:
The Clifton Kiosk
(south of Tropicana)

Fly With Me

In partnership with North Somerset Refugees Welcome and The Other Place.


Workshops and more at The Other Place and the kite-flying festival at 5:30pm is on Weston beach by Clifton Kiosk (where Outlaws was filmed and to the south of the Tropicana. Google map HERE)

Workshop dates are:

Tuesday 2 August, 2pm-4pm

Tuesday 9 August, 2pm-4pm

Tuesday 16 August, 2pm-4pm

Saturday 20 August, 12pm-5pm

Weston joins an epic aerial act of welcome, involving multiple European locations,  where people everywhere celebrate Afghan culture through the simple joy of making kites and flying them together.  A mass call for equal and fair treatment of all people seeking safety.


Our friends at Good Chance Theatre launch Fly With Me 🪁 an epic kite flying festival in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan 🇦🇫

This August, Afghan artists across 16 cities in the UK and Europe will present a festival of Afghan kite-flying, storytelling, music, poetry and dance!

Marking one year since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, people everywhere will celebrate Afghan culture through the simple joy of kite flying, and together call for equal and fair treatment of all people seeking safety, including those from Afghanistan. 

And they highly recommend coming together on 20th August 2022 to fill the skies with thousands of kites! You can also make your own kites with us, using Good Chance’s kite-making pack of instructions and materials, and get involved from anywhere in the world 🌍 For us that means Weston-super-Mare. 

Mass kite-flying on beach at 5.30pm on 20 August, plus a range of drop-in workshops options to make your kite (materials are free), with final workshop  on 20 August from 12pm-5pm at The Other Place.


#FlyWithMe #RememberAfghanistan