24 September, 2022






Italian Gardens


Eat food & drink festivals are free to attend, family-friendly, accessible and held in town centres. They aim to celebrate the great local producers surrounding the festival town by putting on a cracking one-day festival that is low cost for the producers to attend – meaning that money goes straight back into local businesses; well publicised; good fun; well run and with lots of variety. eat:Festivals is a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to connect communities with the productive landscape that surrounds them, which is good for local business, food producers and for families.

The festivals aim to bring a great range of producers and products into the town on the day of the festival. Mostly based within 30 miles of each town, with a few exceptional and hard to find products from further afield. Mix in a hands-on cook school, workshops, livestock, tractors and lots of entertainment and competitions. It’s a free day out and a chance to meet friends whilst discovering something new.

​In 2022, eat:Weston is at Italian Gardens on Saturday 24 September and at Winter Gardens Saturday 11 December.

eat:festivals trade between 10 and 4pm. We know our peak hours are between 11 and 2. If you want to have a bit more elbow room, to get the pick of the produce, we recommend you arrive early.