3 December, 2023






Super Wonder Shrine
High Street
BS23 1JE

Become a Doctor Who Illustration!

Presented by Super Culture!

Are you celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who?

How about having your own, personal illustration with the TARDIS or maybe fighting a DALEK?

Pop to our colourful bandstand for the 21st Century on the High Street where master illustrator Kev F Sutherland will be creating bespoke art alongside our local comic shop Imaginarium

From Monday to Saturday, you can head over to Weston Museum to check out their awesome Doctor Who Art Exhibition. More HERE (Please note the Museum closes 24 Dec-5 Jan)


All completely FREE! No need to book

About Kev:

Comic writer and artist Kev F Sutherland’s work has appeared everywhere from Beano to Marvel (and most points inbetween). 

He began his career working on the kids comic Oink! and with strips in Viz. He was a leading light of the 90s humour comics scene, working for Gas, The Damage, Zit, Blag and others, and creating and editing UT and Bloody Hell. He devised and drew The Gladiators TV spin off comic, then worked on such titles as Red Dwarf Smegazine and Zig & Zag’s Zogazine.

For Marvel he worked as an artist on Doctor Strange, Star Trek, Ghost Rider 2099, and Apocalypse 2099, and wrote Werewolf By Night. From 1999 – 2004 he was the producer of the UK’s Comic Festival in Bristol.

#SuperWonderShrine is possible due to funding from Historic England and events there are supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation