28-30 September






Front Room
13 Central Walk
BS23 1FF


Club Supreme Roadshow

A Theatrical, Multimedia production in the form of a spoof corporate stage show (gone wrong) – An evening’s entertainment like you’ve never witnessed before!

Step into the world of The Club Supreme Roadshow and allow The WORSHIPFUL MASTER and his team of Personal Assistants to set you on your path to becoming the most supreme version of yourself. With EXCLUSIVE INSIDER info, FREE prize giveaways and the CHANCE to meet the WORSHIPFUL MASTER in person.

The Club Supreme Roadshow is set in a wonky corporate stage show environment – playing with themes of identity and consumerism to see how far people will go to get what they want in life.

A multimedia theatrical experience. Prepare to be wrapped in a surround sound environment with a visual explosion of projection mapping, animation, live streaming and grotesque puppetry.

Using a big dose of dark clowning to create a surreal & curiously poignant take on an alternative reality! Club Supreme is brought to you by anarchic, South West theatre troublemakers “Ramshacklicious”

Ramshacklicious create unique, contemporary theatrical experiences in the public realm. Collaboratively creating work that is accessible and yet subversive. Using an original mix of music and sound design, video, physical theatre, story telling, clown, puppetry and innovative design to create experiences like no other!

Co produced by Nordland Visual Theatre. Supported by Arts Council England and in partnership with Front Room and Super Culture.


Age Recommendation – 14+