Carnival Arts: Origami Creatures Instructional Video

If you couldn’t make the IRL workshop on 30 July at Weston Artspace, here’s another chance to join local artist Julie Ackerman online to create playful and imaginative origami creatures from re-used materials such as leaflets and flyers. You are invited to bring along your creatures and take part in the Climate Carnival procession on 11th September.

Make your own origami creature at home through following this short, easy-to-follow instructional film.

Julie’s creative practice explores and transforms ordinary, everyday materials into unique artworks as a comment on society and the mass production of things.You can see more of her work here:


Carnival Arts are workshop sessions that creatively explore environmental topics and sustainable themes, using reclaimed, re-used, ethically sourced materials to create spectacular flags, banners, costumes, headdresses, props, instruments for the climate carnival.

An opportunity for the wider Weston community to create together, whilst debating ideas, developing wider perspectives and creative solutions to action on climate change.

The sessions are facilitated by local artists alongside larger-scale carnival workshops to work towards the climate carnival and procession event, when you can join in and party along in a finale filled with music, dance and roller-skaters in Weston’s Italian Gardens on 11 September.


Create playful and imaginative origami creatures from re-used materials with Julie Ackerman in this instructional video …