27 April, 2024






Front Room
13 Central Walk
BS23 1FF


A Real Fiction by aKa Dance Theatre

Presented by Super Culture, in partnership with Front Room

Brilliantly bonkers and full of fun, A Real Fiction guarantees an unforgettable time!

Fasten your seatbelts for fun, funk and foam bananas – A Real Fiction has been whipping up a storm and collecting memories on the way through! Loaded with current affairs, childhood nostalgias and one hit wonders this work has been co-created with the community, for the community.

A Real Fiction is a hyperactive mix of dance, theatre, meme and pop culture for people of all ages. You can expect the unexpected as you lose yourself in memories, laugh, sing, dance, wahoo and laugh some more. This 360 slapstick solo will serve you explosive dance, laugh out loud lip syncs and a crazy collection of characters.

“If I could put this show into a box and carry it around with me wherever I go, I would. A welcome medicine for the troubled times we are living in. A marvellous joy.” – Sam Nancarrow – Cornwall 365

“So fun, so much laughter and sooo much energy” – Mandy Loxton – Heads Up, Somerset

If you are super excited about this show (like us!) consider booking on to the FREE daytime pre-show workshop HERE


Lead image by Jake Grant Photography