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A Ballad of Anchor Head Cove

At Anchor Head Cove, a series of stories exploring the coast’s past heritage unfold in a new, sound work led by Weston-based artist Sam Francis and artist Phil Owen who grew up in the area. ‘A Ballad of Anchor Head Cove’, commissioned by Culture Weston for Heritage Open Days, uncovers a unique soundtrack for this small beach spot situated on Weston-super-Mare’s coast between Knightstone Island and Birnbeck Pier.

The piece explores the history around a swimmer, Kathleen Thomas, the first person to swim from Penarth to Weston in the 1920s; a song ‘The False Bride’ by peasant folk singer Lucy White (1849 – 1923) and memories of a former hotel at the Cove.

The audio, created to be listened to on location for Heritage Open Days, is available to listen to online on SOUNDCLOUD and you can also direct to mobile phones through a QR code on posters for the event which are locally displayed. If you’d like to read the prompts that accompany the recording, you can find those HERE to save and take down to Anchor Head to enjoy the sounds and sights of the cove in your own way.

To enjoy the recording at your leisure, please click here: