29 February, 2024






Front Room
13 Central Walk
BS23 1FF


40 Elephants

Brand new Devon based actor-musician company Stowaway Theatre presents 40 Elephants, a musical inspired from research into the true stories of the 40 Elephant Gang; Britain’s first female crime syndicate.

When I have need of something, I am a lot like other people; I take it.’

Is it worth the risk when you have everything to gain and nothing to lose? What would you do?

It is 1927 and Alice Diamond, the former leader of the 40 Elephants has just been released from prison, and is ready to entertain an audience with the true tales of the gang’s exploits.

Follow the rise and fall of Britain’s most notorious girl gang; their rules, raids, consequences, and betrayals, as they struggled to escape the world they were born into, gaining wealth and fame by whatever means necessary.

Glamour, violence, feisty female gangs, music, and mayhem…you better be ready for the 40 Elephants!