Words of Weston – a new booksellers!

Words of Weston is a brand new online bookshop based in Weston. Its founder, James Fouracre, tells us all about it


About Words of Weston

Words of Weston is an idea I had to open a bookshop as there didn’t seem to be an independent bookshop in Weston. During the lockdown, I went through a bit of an existential crisis as a lot of the opportunities I was waiting for closed up, at which point I realised that I wasn’t enjoying work and it was having an impact on me personally.

It was after a conversation with a friend that I realised I was just essentially coasting in this direction without any plan or idea of where I was going. This is when I went back to basics and looked to another one of my passions… stories. I investigated how to build this up and had a lot of positive feedback for the idea which is how ‘Words of Weston’ was created. I already have a lot of ideas about how to take it forward; I took on my first order before I had even opened and I’ve been challenged to find a 1st edition, which I have managed to locate after a bit of research. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Can I buy new or used books?

Both… I order new books directly from my wholesaler currently and I’m looking to setup accounts with various publishers in the future.

I have been donated about 170 used books so far from various people, which I’ve begun adding to the Facebook shop, although I am also looking into other platforms to try, such as Books Etc. With so many, it’s taking time to add them all but, in the meantime, I have added them to a spreadsheet on a Facebook group ‘Words of Weston 2nd Hand Charity Bookshop’ and I plan to donate 50% of the profits from the sales of these second hand books to the Weston Area Health NHS Trusts charitable Funds.

You’re online now but might there be a physical shop popping up in Weston?

I do have plans to eventually get an actual shop set up in town, though now doesn’t feel like the right time for it. For now, I decided the online concept was the right way to start as I have several different ideas to try and develop it into something to benefit the community. For example, I’m working on a ‘click and collect’ idea with a bit of a twist which is designed to get people visiting other independent shops and businesses in Weston that they might not have known about or visited before.

Do you know any local authors?

I didn’t before I started this, but I had a quick conversation with one recently, and a good long conversation via Zoom with author Teresa F. Morgan, who was happy to offer some suggestions and insights. I also know of a writers’ group in the town so I’m in contact with one of their members and looking forward to having a chat with them also and seeing how we can potentially work together.

What’s your favourite work of fiction?

I have always gravitated towards Science Fiction more than any genre. Peter Hamilton is probably my favourite author as the stories he develops are so detailed, imaginative and expansive. Most of his work is either two or three book sequences. My favourite is ‘The Commonwealth Saga’, this consists of two books, ‘Pandora’s Star’ and ‘Judas Unchained’.

How can I buy it?

As ‘Words of Weston’ is only operating as a Facebook Page for the time being, books are on a ‘to order’ basis.

  1. Send your order request via messenger or email hello@wordsofweston.co.uk
  2. I’ll reply with the prices for your request plus any comments on stock and availability.
  3. You will be sent an invoice with payment instructions.
  4. The books will be added to the order going in for the following Thursday.
  5. Once the books have been received by Words of Weston, I will email you to advise this, get your address information for delivery, and advise of the delivery time. There is a £2 delivery charge for the personal delivery service in BS22, BS23, & BS24. For any areas outside of this I can arrange a direct postal service for a standard postage fee.

Words of Weston’s Facebook page