This Crossing on Marine Lake

Audience feedback and photos from This Crossing on Marine Lake, Weston, 25-27 September 2020

All images by Paul Blakemore

“The setting was extraordinary and the play was so modern, so relevant and so moving, but I never felt I was being ‘told’ what to think”

“I loved it all!  The timing – the sun setting throughout the show, the incredible evocative music, and above all, the story – taking us all to those deep places of overwhelm, love mingled with fear, as we take on the task of raising a child”

“It challenged live performance norms and utilised the landscape in new ways that could be adopted in the future, even post-pandemic.”

“It was original in terms of content, storyline, setting and dance. The headphones worked a treat. We were lucky with the beautiful sunset and light shining off the sea which gave it the whole performance a magical quality”

“It was moving, extremely intense and was well written. The ideology behind it was exceptional and very enjoyable”