Shake it out at the opening event of #GoodGriefWeston

In 2011, Annie Nicholson, also known as the Fandangoe Kid, received a phone call which would change her life. Her parents, Amanda and Paul, her sister Sonia, and Sonia’s partner Helen had been involved in a helicopter crash in New York. Amanda, Sonia and Helen would all die from their injuries. Paul survived, and then died five years later from prostate cancer.

At the time of the accident, Annie was just about to graduate art school. She had always been interested in making art which explored the human condition, and now turned to creativity to process, understand and express her grief.

The Fandangoe Kid makes work for public spaces, striving to provide platforms which bring people to explore the complexities of life, death and being human. She is passionate about breaking the taboo around death and bereavement by encouraging dialogue, community and social engagement. Her art responds to the tension between grief’s uniqueness and its universality, respecting that we all experience loss differently whilst also recognising that we all experience loss.

Annie has partnered with the equally brilliant Carly Attridge from The Loss Project to bring a Grief Rave to Good Grief Weston! This Grief Moves event invites us all to the Super Wonder Shrine on the High Street from 2pm to 4pm today (Monday 1st May). We can request songs that remind us of someone or something we loved and lost, and stay a while to listen or (if we fancy it) shake it all out and dance. Music is such a wonderful way to evoke memories of times past and come together in a collective act of remembrance and community. We would love you to join us to help launch our Festival in style. It’s free and there’s no need to book!

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