Creatives Unlocked – Joe Brooks

About Me: 

I’m Joe Brooks. An Actor, Writer, Creative. I’m Weston through and through. Whilst in my 3rd year at University Centre Weston, I co-founded Theatre Company Atomic Rhubarb. We make fun shows about strange things.

I have lived in Weston all my life – 23 years so far. I was born here, schooled here, went to college and Uni here and am now just having my life here. I live with my parents still, in the leafy suburb of Worle.

Sssshhh! Weston secrets

My secret about Weston is…. there is something happening! Some people think it’s boring but NO! It’s a very exciting place to be at the moment!  You just need to know where to look.

Weston Wonders

Weston Artspace is my number one place for culture and creativity, as in the last year it’s become the centre of everything exciting in Weston for me. It feels like being in the right place at the right time! I imagine it’s like seeing The Beatles in the Cavern Club.

For well-being it’s the seafront – a good long walk with beautiful scenery of course. Also nothing fuels my imagination quite like walking along the Prom. As the old song says “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside”. It’s got to be Grove Village for entertainment. It’s got a real buzz with its theatres, bars and restaurants. It’s the “Meeting place” where we strange things drink, love, laugh and plot! Other in-the-know hotspots include the Black Cat Micro Pub, Cabot Hotel, Queso Wine Bar, Loft and Loves Café.

Weston Inspiration

I think what inspires me most about my life in Weston is the people I have met here and shared so many happy and sad memories with. I have worked with them, created and laughed and even fallen in love with some…

Weston Wishes

My big wish for the town is for it to become known for its creative excellence and culture.

Weston Walk the Walk

I would take a stroll with my partner and fellow member of Atomic Rhubarb, Clare Finlan. Often we do stroll along the prom and it’s the best way of getting out of writers block, creating new characters, making each other laugh and just having a nice time.